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Our Story

When We first opened Our Distillery in Brentwood, California, We had one thing in mind: To create the best corn spirits using the best Sweet Corn we could get our hands on. With the help of local farmers, We began distilling our dream, applying time-honored traditions and modern-day distilling ingenuity to the creation of incomparable corn-derived spirits.

Our Mission

  • Produce the highest quality distilled spirits in their purest form with the world’s best corn
  • Use only local backyard ingredients to ensure farm freshness and rigorous quality control standards
  • Apply generations of distilling arts expertise to proprietary, modern- day spirit-making techniques
  • Continue to revolutionize the industry with distilling innovations while creating the “gold standard” in premium spirits
  • Educate consumers and change market perceptions on product purity and various health virtues (non-GMO, gluten free, no added sugar)

Philanthropic Profile

At the heart of Bay Area Distilling Company is the genuine need to give back to our community and strengthen youth organizations, especially in our own backyard and throughout California. In just one year’s time, we have proudly sponsored the following organizations and look forward to pledging our support to many more in the future!

  • Patriots Jet Team Foundation
  • The Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors
  • TheStocktonPorts
  • ImpactSoccerLeague
  • LibertyUnionSchoolDistrict
  • LamorindaArtsCouncil
  • Newberry’s Block

Golden State Signature Cocktails

source site California Cooler
1.5oz Golden State Vodka
. 75oz Aperol
. 5oz Elder Flower Liqueur
. 75 Lemon Juice
Shake and pour over ice and Garnish with a lemon wheel

buy lexapro online australia Evening Star
2oz Golden State Vodka
1oz Gin
. 5oz Lillet Blanc
Stir and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a Lemon twist

source url California Mule
2oz Golden State Vodka
1oz Lime Juice
1oz Simple Syrup
Shake and pour into copper cup and top with your ginger beer of choice

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